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Monthly training courses in Pretoria

If you are interested in learning to use PlanetGIS to its full potential, would you consider attending a 3-day intensive training course in Pretoria?

TGIS ( hosts a training course during the first week of every month in Olympus, Pretoria East. All the attendees I’ve spoken to were raving about the course and assured me that they were much closer to being experts on PlanetGIS. One recently told me that, having been a rookie in the GIS field until before the training, he was able to impress his experienced (non-Planet-user) colleagues with his abilities to produce maps in a very short time.

The cost of the training course is R1000 per person per day (excl. VAT). You will also receive a comprehensive training manual, and I guarantee that - at a minimum - you will be astounded by all the things you didn’t know you could do with Planet. The classes start at 9am and last until 4pm every day and a light lunch is provided around 1pm.

The next course is 7-9th July, with only 7 spaces left. If you can’t make that one the next is 4-6 August. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested.

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